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From Adversity to Triumph: A Journey of Resilience and Authorship"

Embark on my extraordinary journey from a science background, with two B.Sc degrees, the most recent is from University College Dublin (UCD). And an MBA from Lagos State University.

Kate started her work life in the aviation industry, where she worked with a local airline in Lagos briefly and later had a career as a Senior Cabin Crew with Virgin Atlantic Airways for several years.

The tale takes a turn when I relocated abroad, the bright future was quickly slipping away. Three months became an eternity in the waiting period for residency, especially challenging with a surprise twin pregnancy, against the backdrop of an uncertain environment. Although my twins were answers to my prayer but wanted to get settled into a job and get back to the life I was used to while in Lagos, Nigeria.

Navigating through this unexpected detour, I faced the dilemma of choosing between returning home and enduring a challenging situation. A supportive encounter with Uncle Ifeanyi and the kindness of individuals like Pat reshaped our path. Struggling with limited resources, my resilience was tested further when my twins faced health complications.

She also worked in Customer Services in Dublin, Ireland, and in the UK. To achieve her goal in pursuing a career in Biomedical Sciences, She took on top up modules in Biomedical Sciences while working as a Medical Laboratory Assistant and Clinical Scientist Assistant. On one of her speeches she will be sharing a story about how this ended.

Misdiagnosed with epilepsy, my daughter’s journey through unnecessary medications became a battle against pharmaceutical interests. God’s prompting to write a book titled “Triumph in the Midst of Adversity” seemed surreal at first, yet it became a poignant reality. Despite being a scientist, the profound experiences of adversity led me to complete and launch the book in 2019.

Alignment To My Destiny in my challenges

“Join me on this transformative expedition, from the highs of a successful book launch at Excel, London, to the lows of battling misdiagnoses and personal challenges. My story epitomizes triumph in adversity, a testament to faith, resilience, and the unexpected turns that shape our destinies.”

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