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Kate, by the grace of God, has triumphed over numerous challenges in both her personal and professional live. These obstacles include health issues with her twin daughters, the absence of her only brother, who shared both parents with her, a failed marriage, rivalry and animosity with half-siblings, instances of betrayal, disappointments, financial struggles, manipulations by social services, and attacks of witchcraft. Throughout it all, she has proven to be a resilient queen by applying her eight key strategies to overcome any situation.

Currently, Kate is leveraging her wealth of experience and wisdom to inspire and motivate others, encouraging them to lead fulfilling lives despite the challenges they may face. Her mantra, “NEVER GIVE UP,” serves as a powerful reminder that achieving success is attainable for those who believe in the possibility.

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🌟Inspirational Impact

Kate is not just a speaker; she’s a catalyst for positive change. Her dynamic and inspirational talks leave audiences motivated, empowered, and ready to embrace new possibilities.

💡Expertise That Transforms

As a bestselling author of Triumph in the midst of adversity amongst others, and recognised authority in Life and Business Coaching, Leadership and Management, book publishing, etcKate brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the stage. Her expertise is backed by years of experience and a proven track record of success.

🎤 Engaging Communication

Kate is Known for her captivating storytelling and engaging communication style; Kate effortlessly connects with audiences. Her talks are not just informative; they are immersive experiences that resonate long after the event.

🌐 Global Perspective

With a global perspective shaped by Kate’s International Experience, she brings a unique and diverse viewpoint to her presentations. Audiences gain valuable insights that transcend boundaries and cultures.

👥 Customised Presentations

Kate understands that each event is unique. She collaborates closely with event organizers to tailor her presentations to meet specific objectives and resonate with the audience’s interests.

📚 Bestselling Author

With several bestselling books to her name, Kate is a prolific author whose work has touched the lives of countless readers. Bring the wisdom of her books to life on your stage.

🔥 Dynamic and Memorable Events

Kate doesn’t just deliver a speech; she creates an unforgettable experience. From thought-provoking keynotes to interactive workshops, Kate ensures that your event stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

🌐 Global Recognition

Kate’s impact extends beyond the stage. She has been featured in [Notable Media Outlets], and her influence continues to grow globally. Booking Kate adds prestige and credibility to your event.

🤝 Easy Collaboration

Event organisers love working with Kate. She is known for her professionalism, flexibility, and commitment to ensuring a seamless collaboration. Booking Kate means partnering with a speaker who values your event as much as you do.


Life & Business Coaching

Strategic Business Consultation

Kate, a multifaceted entrepreneur, is dedicated to empowering individuals through effective goal-setting and confidence-building. A Certified Life Coach from The Coaching Academy, she excels as a business coach, leadership trainer, and publisher.

In addition to her numerous bestselling nonfiction books, Kate is now delving into fiction with her debut novel, “Undeniable Romance.” She strongly advocates for fostering romance, considering it pivotal for joyful marriages.

As you may be aware, Kate is also the author of the book “Marriage Is to Be Enjoyed, Not Endured.”

Feel free to contact Kate if you would like her to coach you to becoming the person you’ve always wanted to become. You can avail of her one to one or group coaching sessions where ever you live as long you have a good internet connection.

You can also book Kate as your Personal coach. This gives you the opportunity to have Kate hold your hands through the transformation process and come out a the other side fulfilled.

For more details send Kate an email now Kate.tmatriumph@gmail.com

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Who's A Celebrity Magazine

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Triumph In The Midst Of Adversity
Amazon Reviews


It is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit. The author shares her deeply personal journey, offering readers an intimate glimpse into the trials and tribulations that have shaped her. More than just a memoir, this book is a beacon of hope, shining light on the possibility of overcoming even the most daunting challenges. 

Jan Hart

This book contains interesting ideas that apply no matter what your current situation is. I have always found positivity, mindfulness, and even meditation helpful in triumphing over challenges in life. Much of this is echoed in this book but put together nicely with key steps to get you there. Fundamentally, I found this book to be motivational above all else, encouraging the reader to believe in oneself.

S. J. Main

‘Triumph In The Midst Of Adversity’ is a nonfiction memoir book filled with inspiration and positivity. It is written with energy and truth. i enjoyed reading this book

N. P. Ronald

An essential read for everyone, as everyone faces adversity at some point. A thought provoking read, packed with tips and guidance on reaching your potential, along with true life stories from someone who is clearly passionate and experienced in this area. Recommend.

Amazon Customer

Awesome read! Powerful testimony!
Easy to read. For anyone needing strategies to overcome setbacks and struggling to overcome, you will come out stronger after reading this. Kates transparency is a gift, please read and read again.


Amazing book. A great read! True life stories and life changing experience, well done Kate and a huge congratulation to you on this and many more success stories to come.

Christopher Aniche

This is an amazing book that gives you the unbelievable strategies on how to cope with adversities. Thanks Kate.

Annie Ka Wenu

This is an uplifting book with strategies how to overcome any adversity.

Errol Baptiste

I like the content presentation layout also very good with clear analysis that worth reading.


interesting and good to read

Ezekiel Fasuyi

This book is practical and teaches about how to prepare and approach adversaries which are inevitable in life. It’s a sure guide to help deal with life challenges. I strongly recommend it.

Golden Reality

I never stopped reading after few pages. I just kept reading on. This book is highly motivational and inspirational. It’s a life changing experience that will keep you afloat in the mist of life challenges. One need such books for motivational and encouragement.

Amazon Customer

I started to read Kate’s 2nd book “The Best Motivation Book Ever Written”, and although I was enjoying the daily messages, I felt I wasn’t quite feeling the emotional and spiritual depth to them without getting to know Kate better…..and “Triumph In The Midst Of Adversity” certainly gave me the context I needed.

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